I'm sorry for the absence, but you couldn't very well expect me to stay in town for the holidays. Yo fui en Espana, donde yo aprendi cocinar la comida de catalunya. I should probably be writing that in Catalan, but anywho. The sexy Spanish woman my brother is marrying showed me how to make a delicious tapas I now pass on to you.

Monica's Magic Mushrooms:

six big white (normal) mushrooms
tabasco sauce

Tear off the mushroom stems. Douse the insides of the caps with tabasco sauce, pepper, and paprika. Wrap the caps with bacon.

There are several ways to cook:

Cover each cap in tin foil and barbecue. OR, if you don't live in a spacious, terraced flat in Barcelona, but rather a cramped one-bedroom in NYC, you can bake the caps uncovered in a Pyrex dish at 350 for one hour (on't forget to drain the bacon fat about 40 minutes into the one hour cooking time). Next, quickly--for like ten minutes--fry them up in a pan until the bacon is crispy.

Son muy rico!