Dara writes:

Readers of the previous post will know that I found Frank Bruni's three-star review of Danny Meyer's restaurants Eleven Madison Park and The Modern a back-handed compliment at best. Even the title, "Two Upstarts Don Their Elders' Laurels," suggests a kind of karmic balancing: Bruni can feel good about feeling good about Meyer only if Bruni is simultaneously dissing Meyer.

Well, Alan and Michael Stillman, who own the Smith & Wollensky restaurant group that controls such New York establishments as Park Avenue Cafe, Cite, and The Post House, have offered a timely reminder to New York Times' readers that Danny Meyer's restaurants deserve three stars. The Stillmans have taken out an ad in this week's "Dining" section that reads:

"Congratulations on the First Six-Star Review in the History of The New York Times."

Now finally someone can do his math.