This morning I received a message from my Best Man, David Spitz. He's in London for the year and writing a great travel weblog called... well, that's the thing. David's looking for a new name. So what should it be? Check out the link and see what you think. Here are David's suggestions (my fav is 'Overseas Mail'):

The focus is on travel and cultural experiences (food, arts, theater, etc). The original title, A Year in London, did not really fit because much of the narrative takes place outside of London, not to mention outside of the year.

The new candidates are:

Digital Postcard (current working title of http://davidspitz.wordpress.com) or Overseas Mail (has a nice symbolic ring, but does it fit?) or Overseas Wire (or Wires?) or Wire Transfers (with Overseas Wires and Digital Postcards as categories) or Other (you choose!)

Any clever thoughts, suggestions?