Dara writes:

Here is an easy recipe to impress Mom or Mom in Law. It is for roasted salmon. We got the wild kind from Whole Foods, paired it with fresh parsley and chives, and roasted it for nary 15 minutes before it came out tender and succulent. Add fresh bread, roasted potatoes with vidalia onions, and fresh asparagus, and you have a lovely summer supper. Mom in Law even chipped in with prep, whole thing took one hour or so, including nibbling brie from TJs (Trader Joe's) and drinking rose. Perfect yuppie evening, I say.

One word about Trader Joe's. Love it. But the one near our apartment--the only one in Manhattan, alas--is always ridiculously packed. J and I are lucky enough to a) have a car and b) access to a house in Connecticut. On our way there we stop at Trader Joe's "uptown," as we like to say--that is, in Danbury, Connecticut. Whole thing takes 20 minutes in the store there, which is about how much time we'd spend on line in the TJs NYC.