Dara and James write:

Here are our favorite tastings of the year. Sorry New York: our honeymoon in Italy produced the most delicious moments.

(1) Warm pistachio cake at Guido in Pollenzo, Italy
(2) Apricot gelato at Grom Gelateria in Turin, Italy
(3) Salsa verde over ripe tomatoes and Spanish anchovies (see picture above) at the little enoteca next to Produttori del Barbaresco in Barbaresco, Italy
(4) Brussels sprouts with kimchee puree at Momofuku Noodle Bar in New York
(5) Eel at Sushi Yasuda in New York
(6) Thunder Pickles from Katchkie Farm in upstate New York
(7) Finanziera at Cambio in Turin, Italy.
(8) Vitello Tonato at La Libera in Alba, Italy
(9) Risotto al Salto at Trattoria della Pesa in Milan, Italy
(10) Chicory salad with anchovies and olive oil at Bebel's in Milan, Italy