Dara writes:

Despite my support of the SATC film, after reading Anthony Lane's New Yorker review, I kinda agree with that esteemed critic. His smooth review convinces me there were some hefty issues with the film.

I have always contended that, cinematically, it doesn't work. Yet, in its spirit, the movie is a faithful continuation of the small-screen series.

Still, I agree with Lane that the only laugh-out-loud moment came as a crack from Carrie's Vogue editor, played by Candice Bergen. She delivers a one liner about Diane Arbus; I explained to my Dad, sitting next to me and not photographically-inclined, who Arbus was.

I also agree with Lane that racism, or at least myopia, does rear its head in the movie, if not in the treatment of Carrie's assistant, played by Jennifer Hudson. Lane notes "Miranda’s outburst as she hunts for an apartment in a mainly Chinese district: 'White guy with a baby! Let’s follow him.'" Lane observes: "So that’s what drives these people: Aryan real estate."