Cor van den Heuvel raises a toast during his reading at Storefront Gallery. Photograph by Jeniece Primus

Dara writes:

It's a rave! Jeniece Primus at Arts in Bushwick has written a great review of my poetry reading with Cor van den Heuvel at Storefront Gallery.

Poetry and baseball. If you don’t see the connection then you probably weren’t at Storefront last night for the latest of the Bushwick gallery’s monthly readings.

The evening was dedicated to that most gentle of verse-forms: the seventeen-syllable haiku. Dara Mandle, a published poet and critic, opened up with some goodies of her own before turning the floor over to Cor van den Heuvel, a poet, editor and haiku super-fan, who ran with the Beat Generation of the mid-1950s.

Check out the complete review here, along with more of Jeniece's photographs of the evening.