James writes:

Here are some interesting responses to my essay on Albert Barnes for Philanthropy magazine. At The New Criterion, Brian Kelly reports on the latest efforts to keep the Barnes from relocating to downtown Philadelphia. Over at The Art Law Blog, Donn Zaretsky wonders if "the moving of the Barnes in fact send exactly the right message to future donors?" Emily Schultheis at The Weekly Standard calls my essay "a fascinating story, and well worth reading" (thanks!). And finally on its Facebook page, the organization Save the Barnes offers a counterargument:

We take issue with James Panero's conclusion that Dr. Barnes, through the tightly-crafted Indenture of Trust governing his Foundation is the source of his legacy's undoing. Legal proceedings were used to amend the Indenture in helpful ways. Legal proceedings were also employed by Pew, in concert with public officials (Attorneys General, Governors, Mayors) to specifically overpower the Barnes Indenture. Their methods were dishonest, which is exactly what the Petition currently under Court review seeks to expose and remedy.