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Wayne Roosa, now on view in the offices of First Things

James writes:

I'm honored that Matthew Cantirino at First Things has picked up on my review of "What I Know," the survey of contemporary art curated by the Bushwick-based impressario Jason Andrew. I'm also glad that Cantirino has offered up some additional information about the exhibition's unusual venue--a gallery on the 7th floor of 44 West 28th Street called NYCAMS.

The New York Center for Media Studies, as the institution is officially known, is much more than an exhibition space. It's a "faith-based artist and writing residency program" run by Minnesota's Bethel University that offers applicants the "opportunity to live, create, and interact in the cutting edge cultural capital of the world." Surrounding NYCAMS gallery space is a beehive of artist studios available to students twenty-four hours a day. NYCAMS also boasts an impressive roster of faculty members and advisors. I look forward to joining them when I speak at NYCAMS on March 28 about the role of social media in contemporary art. 

The director of NYCAMS is the Brooklyn-based artist John Silvis. A graduate of Bethel, Silvas is also a curator who has recently mounted two art exhibitions in the editorial offices of none other than First Things. The latest show features work by Wayne Roosa, an artist working at the crossroads of contemporary abstraction and faith. In an interview with First Things, Roosa describes how he tries to "preserve the ‘real presence’ of ourselves, our neighbors, and God."

The First Things gallery is open to the public every day 12-2 on the 6th floor of 35 East 21st Street, New York and Roosa's work will remain on view for another month.  Picture 4a