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James writes:

Hilton Kramer was one of the last survivors of the serious age of criticism. He casts a longer shadow over art and culture than his famous adversaries like to acknowledge. His front page columns for The New York Observer allowed a younger generation, myself included, to see art through his eyes long after he left The New York Times. And he wasn’t just a taker down. He was a builder up of under-appreciated talent. He knew how to deploy the knife to cut away the layers of celebrity, politics, and commercialism and to experience art face to face and unfiltered. The best kept secret of the art world is that Hilton was a hero to artists. We are planning a special issue of The New Criterion in May dedicated to his legacy. He will be deeply missed.

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  • A collection of Hilton's body of work for The New Criterion may be found here.

    Readers are invited to a memorial reception for Hilton Kramer scheduled for May 9 at 6pm. The event is open to the public but space is limited. Click here for details.