James writes:

If there was any doubt about the vitality of the outer-borough scene, just go to and scan through the more than 500 venues now participating in Bushwick Open Studios, to take place June 1 through June 3.

This year BOS will include the neighborhood’s first art fair, cheekily called “Bushwick Basel” (with several participants from Ridgewood).

Here's also what I'm looking forward to:

Bushwick is the place to be for its sixth and biggest open studios this coming weekend. Visit to make your own list.   

Deborah Brown, Freewheeling II (2012) at The Active Space



Meryl Meisler, Vanessa Mártir, Patricia O'Brien, Defying Devastation: Bushwick in the 80s, at The Living Gallery


Rebecca Litt, Elsewhere in the City (2011)


2011_Gordon_Dana_40 (1)
Dana Gordon, Untitled (2011)


Amy Lincoln, Breakfast Table



BOS2012 : Be sure to wear your walking shoes! Here's a map of the shows

 --adapted from "Gallery Chronicle," The New Criterion, June 2012