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James writes:

I am excited to say that Future Tense: The Lessons of Culture in an Age of Upheaval, Essays from The New Criterion is now available in hardcover from Encounter Books.

Future Tense examines our pivotal era through a variety of lenses and includes "What's a Museum?" my essay on the cultural capital of art.


Beginning with a meditation on memorials after the 9/11 attacks (Michael J. Lewis), the essays also address patriotism in relation to Pericles (Victor Davis Hanson), twenty-first century American pride and leadership (Andrew Roberts), the future of religion in America (David Bentley Hart), and the unwinding of the welfare state (Kevin D. Williamson). Continuing this arc, pieces examine self-knowledge and modern technology (Anthony Daniels), and the difficulties of making law in the modern world (Andrew C. McCarthy). In its penultimate essay, the book explores the possibility of a forthcoming political revolution (James Piereson), then closes with a reflection of culture’s role in the economy of life and the fragility of civilization (Roger Kimball).

Future Tense is now in stock and on sale at Amazon.

UPDATE: Tom Carson at The American Prospect offers an early review. Spoiler: he's a fan, (but calls my contribution "fun and smart").