Join Dara Mandle and other readers this Sunday, October 26, for "Encounters & Translations," a special event to mark the conclusion of “Exchange Rates: The Bushwick Expo.”

Starting Thursday, October 23, "Exchange Rates” is an attempt to expand Bushwick's cultural conversation from within. Paul D’Agostino of Centotto and Stephanie Theodore of Theodore:Art, two Bushwick stalwarts, have paired with London-based Sluice_  to place thirty international galleries within twenty Bushwick venues. The four-day collaboration will carry the neighborhood’s DIY approach to an event of broad scope, with a special Beatnite gallery Friday

In the spirit of the transnational exhibition, Paul D'Agostino is hosting "Renderings: Encounters & Translations" 4:30 Sunday afternoon with a "series of readings and presentations of translations rendered, translations encountered, translations variably treasured."

"Renderings: Encounters & Translations"

Sunday, October 26, 4:30pm

Livestream Public
195 Morgan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 

Presented by Centotto
Organized by Paul D'Agostino

Dara Mandle
Matthew Rossi 
Alice Lynn McMichael
Andrea Monti
Todd Portnowitz

This event is free and open to all.


The Livestream for this event is now online! Dara reads Kafka at 25:45 & Valery at 1:07:55, on stage with Matthew Rossi, Alice Lynn McMichael, Andrea Monti, Todd Portnowitz, and Cecco the Turtle. A perfect ending to Exchange Rates Bushwick.