James writes:

In this week's Capital New York, Nicole Levy has written a smart and well researched profile of Jerry Saltz, the award winning art critic for New York Magazine and social media phenomenon. I say "smart" and "well researched" in particular because Levy article, titled "The Infinite Spanking of Jerry Saltz," picks up on "My Jerry Saltz Problem," the essay I wrote for The New Criterion on the evolving online relationship between artists and critics, which Saltz embodies through his Facebook presence. As I observed at the time:

On Facebook and now elsewhere online, Saltz regularly mixes portentous metaphysical questions with internet messianism, unctuous flattery of his followers, treacly self-doubt, and gaseous emissions of political cant. The ultimate topic of discussion is not art or even his devoted followers but Jerry Saltz himself.      

Read Nicole Levy's entire piece here