THE NEW YORK POST, January 31, 2019

The mob’s disgusting campaign to shame children

In the New York Post, I write about the unjust shaming of two twelve-year-old girls at Poly Prep.

Every parent worries about ­online bullying. But imagine if the bully is the mayor of New York City, and he is denouncing ­online images of your preteen daughter on Twitter.

The story of students from Covington Catholic HS has dominated the headlines, but there are other, even younger children, right here in New York, who have suddenly found themselves targeted by identity politics-fueled digital mobs. And as with the Covington boys, it is high-profile figures who are leading the riot.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Al Sharpton, among others, have used a six-second video from a slumber party to shame girls from Brooklyn’s elite Poly Prep school. The girls’ crime: acting like silly children — when they were children.

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